New America NYC

Dear Mr. Watterson

Film screening and conversation

Almost everyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s will recall an impish, spiky-haired boy and his stuffed tiger in the Sunday comics. “Calvin and Hobbes” chronicles the adventures of Calvin, a 6-year-old boy with a powerful imagination that brings his stuffed tiger Hobbes to life.

But the mischievous boy is also sensitive and reflective, and explores the world in a way that is at once playful and philosophical. In Dear Mr. Watterson, comic-book artists and critics pay tribute to the enduring comic strip and its creator, Bill Watterson, who famously refuses the limelight and has not allowed his characters to be licensed for merchandise.

Join New America NYC for a screening of Dear Mr. Watterson followed by a conversation about the legacy and lasting impact of “Calvin and Hobbes.”


Joel Schroeder

Director, Dear Mr. Watterson

David Haglund

Editor, Brow Beat, Slate’s Culture Blog

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