New America NYC

The Second Machine Age

In Collaboration with Future Tense

Google’s driverless cars have cruised down American highways and an IBM computer has outsmarted even the best human Jeopardy! players. Digital technologies will soon diagnose diseases better than doctors while robots increasingly perform tasks once considered exclusively human. The stuff of sci-fi movies and the imagination are quickly becoming reality.

As technology continues to change our world, professions of all kinds will be altered or upended and societies will be forced to adapt. How can we best prepare for the rapidly transforming future of the American workforce? What policies will help us make sense of a radically different economic and technological landscape?

Join New America NYC for a conversation about the best strategies for survival and new paths to prosperity in the second machine age.



Co-Author, The Second Machine Age


Co-Author, The Second Machine Age


Former reporter, New York Times
Forthcoming op-ed columnist, Washington Post

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